My eQuals gathering momentum

  • 11 Sep 2017
  • by Jay Segeth
My eQuals gathering momentum

The My eQuals program involves the digitisation of academic credentials documents across 46 Australia and New Zealand universities.  The program commenced in October last year and is scheduled to complete next August.  At that point, all participating universities will be able to provision their credentials documents on the My eQuals platform, enabling student mobility and providing efficiency benefits to universities and document recipients such as employers and recruiters.

“Wave one” of the program was recently completed, resulting in Auckland University of Technology, The University of Adelaide and RMIT University now being live and able to issue digital credentials documents through the My eQuals platform.  These three institutions join the four “pilot” universities that went live earlier with My eQuals: The University of Auckland, Monash University, Griffith University and The University of Melbourne.

The adoption of the new platform is encouraging, with more than 63,000 digital documents issued by the pilot universities in the May-July timeframe and more than 7000 documents shared (by students) and viewed (by recipients) over that period.


The program will pick up in intensity, with nine further roll-outs scheduled for Wave 2 which is currently underway.  As additional universities come online we expect to see volumes of document issuing, sharing and viewing increase significantly.