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Going Global, Starting Local was the title of the initial Digital Student Data (DSD) Concept Proposal.  It encapsulates the vision of the DSD Reference Group to foster a collaborative and systematised national approach to managing digital student academic data both as an end in itself as well as providing a staging point for global participation.

Underpinning this are three key objectives:

  • Student mobility and data portability
  • Credential integrity and security
  • Productivity

Starting local will provide a solid foundation for going global, not only via the Groningen Declaration but also through existing and emerging individual partnerships that have the potential to deliver tangible benefits to students, universities, employers and other third parties, and the sector as a whole.

High Level Benefits


  • Assurance of the integrity and security of their Australian university qualifications.
  • Improved experience when moving between institutions within Australia and abroad due to increased academic record data portability leading to faster decision making within institutions.
  • Ability to provide access to study record by third party providers determined by student.


  •  Assurance of the integrity and security of their qualifications.
  • Significant productively improvements relating to admission and verification services.
  • Ability to interpret student records from multiple student systems and formats.

Employers and other third parties

  • Assurance of the integrity and security of Australian university qualifications.
  • Significant productivity improvements relating to access to and assessment and verification of Australian and, ultimately, overseas qualifications.


  • Assurance of the integrity and security of Australian university qualifications.
  • Simpler and more efficient for institutions globally to exchange data with Australian institutions.
  • Reinforcement of the quality and integrity of the Australian higher education brand and protection of the industry.