Finance Systems Group (FSG)

The Finance Systems Group is a HES initiative involving the five HES sub-licencee's of Oracle Financials. The universities work collaboratively on issues relating to financial business processes and finance systems and include opportunities through case study events and workshops to liaise widely with Australian universities using other systems.

FSG forms an important network of finance systems professionals who are able to address business process issues and develop innovative projects associated with financial systems and requirements.  

The FSG is seeking to establish a number of focus and interest groups in the area of university financial systems management in order to develop wider collaboration opportunities of benefit to the higher education sector.

Higher Ed Services holds an annual Finance and Procurement Conference that fosters knowledge sharing, discussion and networking for finance professionals in the sector. 

Participating Members

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FSG Business Objectives

  1. To work collaboratively sharing information and experiences to obtain better value from institutional best practice in financial management and finance systems in higher education.
  2. To promote professional networking amongst finance and resources professionals in the higher education sector through an annual national conference, workshops and forums.
  3. To identify important issues in university financial management, systems functionality, business intelligence, reporting and budgeting processes which have the potential to be remedied by collaborative projects and cooperation.
  4. To work collaboratively with other HES Groups (HRIS, Student Systems and Research Groups) to encourage the development of efficient standard interfaces between those systems and finance systems.
  5. To encourage debate on such issues as the impact of environmental issues on future financial management in higher education.

Becoming a Member

If you're interested in joining the Finance Systems Group, please contact:

Jai Goyal:
Ph: 02 9286 0725