MindHive Higher Education Package


Higher Ed Services negotiates software licensing options that benefit universities.

We’re proud to announce our partnership with MindHive – one that further builds critical relationships between our universities, industry and government.

Higher Education Package

Higher Ed Services, on the behalf of the entire Higher Education sector, has secured a new pricing model to a 2017 MindHive subscription delivering:

  • a 50% annual cost saving on previous pricing.
  • a tiered model, comprised of two paid components, a one-off Implementation fee,
  • ongoing monthly enterprise subscription.
  • price points which are determined based on size of institutions
What are the benefits for my university?
  • ORCid integration in MindHIve lets academic Hivers track their impact. Over 35% of Australian researchers have an ORCid and the ARC endorses its use and expansion.
  • Building relationships with industry and government delivers research impact - MindHive rapidly creates successful connections between partners
  • Research Categories expertise search function MindHive diagram

  • Impact case studies for demonstration to government and industry

  • Increase research and consulting income by broadening partnerships

  • Access to the immediate challenges facing government so that you can position your research capability

  • Crowdsource your own staff and capabilities to resolve challenges and develop strategies

  • Reduced costs and increased efficiencies in collaborative research networks producing strategies, research papers and evidence-based policies

  • Fast access to government and industry partners who have paid and subscribed to meet university partners interested and skilled in policy design and implementation
What are the benefits for our university staff?
  • Contribute as much or as little as you want. You can be a panel member and drive a policy/strategy, or use the convenience of the internet to simply comment. Experts will grow the influence and impact of their ideas and contributions.
  • Use your expertise and experience to engage with the broader community of experts on important issues in policy and strategy development, and make a difference to the way organisations solve these Challenges
  • Meet and work with other experts from a variety of backgrounds
  • Gain access to secondments, industry collaboration and research opportunities 
  • Enhanced access and collaboration with the right industry partners
  • Translate your research into policy and strategy
  • Leverage the influence of research by direct public or private share function to individuals or organisations
  • Build reputations and boost academic public engagement

Contact Andrew Trnacek via email on atrnacek@hes.edu.au or contact MindHive directly and mention HES Higher Education Package.