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Access academic records anywhere, anytime with My eQuals

My eQuals is a digital authenticated qualifications system that will allow students to share their transcripts and academic documents with employers, accreditation agencies, universities and other third parties whenever they wish.

The vast majority of Australian, and all New Zealand, universities are participating in this groundbreaking initiative which represents unprecedented collaboration across the university sector. My eQuals will enhance global student mobility and employability by ensuring document integrity, cut red tape, streamline admission processes and help to combat qualification fraud.

The Federal Minister for Education and Training, Senator the Hon. Simon Birmingham has strongly supported My eQuals and stated that the initiative is a strong example of universities innovating for the benefit of students.

My eQuals was launched in Melbourne in late April at the Sixth Annual Groningen Declaration Meeting

My eQuals will change the way that university students and graduates can access and share copies of their academic records, including transcripts, certificates and official letters. These records will be digitally signed and securely stored online, giving students and graduates direct access to their records to share with anyone they choose. A significant feature is that the My eQuals platform will be connected to other similar international networks already in place in China, Europe and the US.

Pilots are already underway at The University of Melbourne and Monash University in Australia and at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. My eQuals will be progressively rolled out at all other universities with expectations of a late 2018 completion.

Higher Ed Services is the managing organization for My eQuals and Mr Jay Segeth is the Program Director. Contact

For further information go to the My eQuals website here